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List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • What school supplies does my student need?

    There is not a preset school supply list; individual teachers will inform your student of the required supplies during the first week of school. All math students (except for those in pre-algebra) will be required to have a graphing calculator (a Ti-84+ or higher).
  • How can I afford Dowling Catholic?

    Dowling Catholic offers tuition assistance for families in need. We remain committed to making a Catholic education attainable for all who wish to attend. More information about tuition assistance can be found here.
  • When can I see the school?

    Any 8th grade families who would like to visit our campus to assist in their decision are welcome to call the Admissions Office at 515.222.1047 to schedule a tour.
  • How do I apply?

    Students interested in enrolling at Dowling Catholic High School should contact the Admissions Office during their eighth grade year. Students will be considered for enrollment once a copy of the student’s grades, discipline records and official transcripts have been received. All eighth grade students are required to take the Incoming Freshmen Placement Test.  The test is used to identify the level of classes that will allow the student to be successful in high school.

    Students interested in transferring to Dowling Catholic from another high school should contact the Admissions Office prior to the semester in which they wish to enroll.  The student and parent/guardian are required to meet with the Admissions Office to begin the transfer process. Students will be considered for enrollment once a copy of the student’s grades, discipline records and official transcripts have been received.
  • What courses are offered?

    A full course listing can be found here.
  • What athletic teams do you have?

    We offer a wide variety of interscholastic and intramural sports, providing students with the opportunity to compete and grow at all levels.

    Check out our athletics page for more information!
  • Can my student ride the bus? What does it cost?

    More information about the bus schedule and costs can be found here.
  • What other ways can I get involved?

    Dowling Catholic has over 60 clubs and extra-curricular activities. Find out more on our student life pages.
  • Technology Issues?

    1.  Parent Login Username is now their email address (not optional)
    2.  Parents can no longer share the same email address in our system. Each parent must have their own email address that will be used for login and communication purposes. If you are a family where both parents share the same address, please submit a new email address for at least one parent to businessoffice@dowlingcatholic.org
    3. If you use Mediacom (mchsi.com) or CenturyLink (q.com) email address, please consider creating a Google gmail account for DCHS communications. We routinely have issues sending emails to these two providers.
    4. Submit updated email addresses and contact information to businessoffice@dowlingcatholic.org
    Click here the instructions for parents to register their email address (that we have on file in the system) to be used as their username (not optional).

Dowling Catholic High School

Dowling Catholic High School is committed to serving the Greater Des Moines Catholic community and embracing learners of all faiths. In an environment that is faithful, caring and dedicated, Dowling Catholic forms each student to become a Christ-centered leader.