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Board of Education

 The Dowling Catholic Board of Education is a consultative board that cooperates in the policy-making process by formulating and adapting, but never enacting policy. The President enacts the policy, and the principal implements the policy. The board is consultative to the president and principal.

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Foundation Board

The origin of Dowling St. Joseph Alumni Foundation Board traces back to 1978. Different from the traditional Board of Education, the Foundation Board was established to focus on fundraising and endowment management to support and advance the mission of the school. Supporting the advancement of Christ-centered leaders.

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  • Foundation Board Members

    Julie Bell - Advancement Director
    Dave Brick ‘90
    Nick Blyth ‘02
    Tim Carmody
    Marta Codina
    Christian Comito ‘89
    Rick DeBartolo ‘85
    Paul Drey
    Sara Eide
    Clare Faulkner ‘75
    Kelly Flynn ‘85
    Tom Flynn ‘87
    Adam Grubb ‘01
    Chuck Haas
    Kristin Hall ‘95
    Melinda Hansen
    Joel Hull ‘04
    Chris Ibach
    Craig Jackman
    Jake Ketzner ‘04
    Tyler Marsh ‘90
    Jayme Martin
    John McIlhon ‘86
    Jim O’Halloran ‘87 - Board Vice President
    Mike Richards ‘94
    Mark Roth ‘72
    Pat Rounds - Board President
    Dan Ryan - DCHS President/Board Secretary
    Marty Schwager
    Jeff Schwarte
    Jonathon Swanson ‘02
    Katie Wengert ‘88
    Lynn Walz - CFO
    Joe Yamen

Dowling Catholic High School

Dowling Catholic High School is committed to serving the Greater Des Moines Catholic community and embracing learners of all faiths. In an environment that is faithful, caring and dedicated, Dowling Catholic forms each student to become a Christ-centered leader.