Graduation Requirements

Credit Hours

The curriculum at Dowling Catholic revolves around the core subject areas of Theology, English, Technology, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Guidance. Six required credits of general electives provide students with the opportunity to pursue areas of special interest or to go into greater depth in core subjects. To receive a diploma from Dowling Catholic, students must earn 32 units of credit and complete 80 hours of Christian service. Each student is enrolled in eight classes per semester. Students receive 8.75 units of credit each year.
Dowling 101
Fine Arts
Social Studies
General Electives
Physical Education
Christian Service
.5 credit
4 credits
.5 credit
4 credits
.5 credit
3 credits
3 credits
3.5 credits
1 credit
6 credits
4 credits
2 credits (80 hours)

Service Hours

The goal of Dowling Catholic High School’s Christian Service Hour program is to ensure that students are seeking to serve the community, the world at large, and to see Christ in all people. Christian service is defined as that which takes us beyond a narrow concern for ourselves, and moves us to promote the common good and to uphold the human dignity of every person. In the end we are looking to serve those that are poor, vulnerable, or marginalized in the world around us.

Students must complete 80 hours of service for graduation and log them through the MobileServe website. Ten service hours, along with a 300-word Reflection Paper, must be completed during each semester. During the semester, theology teachers will keep track of hours and papers for their students; all hours and papers must be turned in by December 1st (fall semester) and May 1st (spring semester).

Service Hours Opportunities


The Healthy Kids Act requires that every student take a CPR course in order to graduate. There will be a few upcoming course dates at DCHS for students who have not yet fulfilled that requirement. To sign up for one of the classes, please take your $40 payment to the Business Office. There must be a minimum of 5 students to hold a class and the maximum is 10 students per class.

CPR Resources

Dowling Catholic High School

Dowling Catholic High School is committed to serving the Greater Des Moines Catholic community and embracing learners of all faiths. In an environment that is faithful, caring and dedicated, Dowling Catholic forms each student to become a Christ-centered leader.