Girls Track & Field

We believe the difference at Dowling Catholic is that we (coaches, runners, jumpers, throwers) hold everyone accountable. We believe that God has blessed us with many talents and by using these talents, along with our faith, we will become accountable to ourselves. This accountability will make us better athletes, students, and citizens.

Head Coach: Kelly Parriott

Start Date: February

Boys Track & Field

The Dowling Catholic track program is committed to the mission of Dowling Catholic High School. The program gives young men the opportunity to grow and mature spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Team members will learn the values and rewards that come with hard work, dedication and teamwork. We will compete and carry ourselves in a manner that will make the Dowling Catholic community proud.

Head Coach: Jarred Herring

Start Date: February

State Team Champions: 2022
State Team Runner-Up: 2021

Dowling Catholic High School

Dowling Catholic High School is committed to serving the Greater Des Moines Catholic community and embracing learners of all faiths. In an environment that is faithful, caring and dedicated, Dowling Catholic forms each student to become a Christ-centered leader.