Kellie Markey '84

Distinguished Alumna
Kellie Markey is a graduate of Dowling High School and Central College.

Kellie’s career began in marketing and advertising, first in Chicago and then SanFrancisco. She returned to Chicago to pursue an MBA at Loyola before going back to the Bay Area to work for eBay in a senior marketing position and then as VP of Global Marketing.

She eventually left eBay to spend time with family and pursue a startup venture, spending time in Florida and Vermont before settling in Des Moines. She began volunteering with teen girls at Youth Emergency Services & Shelter where she learned of the nature and severity of abuse against children, and the rate at which they age out of the care system, ill-equipped to be successfully independent.

She completed her Foster Parenting license to care for teen girls in her home,and began flipping homes and working with individuals and families to help them find affordable housing. Through this work she discovered a home she named Dorothy’s House where upon her first visit she immediately knew shewould continue working with abuse and assault victims. She purchased two additional properties, hoping to create a campus for girls in crisis.

After participating in an informational series on sex trafficking in Iowa shedecided to focus on providing care and services to survivors of this crime.Dorothy’s House opened in 2016 as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving as a long-term, residential home for girls who are victims of sextrafficking and exploitation, providing programming designed to stabilize thephysical and mental health of participants and offering skills training, education and community engagement opportunities.

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