Enrollment Process


If you currently attend eighth grade at a public school, we invite you to shadow a Dowling Catholic student for a day. Please call the Admissions Office at 515.222.1025 to schedule a visit. If you currently attend eighth grade at a local parochial school, Dowling Catholic Student Ambassadors will visit you in October.

Open House For Prospective Students

Attend the Open House on Sunday, November 8, 2020, from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Take a tour of the school, play games, win prizes, talk to the teachers, coaches, and club moderators. A fun-filled day for the whole family!

Placement Test

Take the placement test in January 2021. Parochial school students are automatically registered for the test. Public school students should call the Admissions Office at 515.222.1025 to register. Even if you are undecided about attending Dowling Catholic, we encourage you to take the test. The test does not determine admission but is used to identify the level of classes that will allow you to be successful in high school.


Application information will be distributed the day of the placement test. Please complete the application process in February 2021.


Attend freshman registration in February 2021, with a parent or guardian. This is when you will register for classes and meet your counselor. Time to be determined.

Tuition Assistance

If tuition assistance is needed, we encourage you to apply for Dowling Catholic’s Tuition Assistance Program. Currently, nearly 40 percent of our students receive tuition assistance. The application instructions will be distributed at registration.

Get Involved!

You are invited to attend any number of activities including sporting events, theater performances, concerts and more!

Dowling Catholic High School

Dowling Catholic High School is committed to serving the Greater Des Moines Catholic community and embracing learners of all faiths. In an environment that is faithful, caring and dedicated, Dowling Catholic forms each student to become a Christ-centered leader.