Leisure Activities

Below is a list of the Leisure Activities Dowling Catholic has to offer. To learn more about each club, the requirements and moderator download the Dowling Catholic Activities Handbook.

Art Club

Allows students to share their love of art with other students in an informal setting, while producing, critiquing, and enjoying art together. Grades 9-12.

Chess Club

Provides an opportunity for students to develop their game skills and a greater appreciation for the game of chess.

Chinese GO

Introduction to the most complex chess game, called GO, in the world.

Guitar Club

Provides a place to meet new people and improve on a favorite hobby.  Meets once a month to play music together and learn together as a community.

International Club

Foster a development and awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the international community.  To learn about people and places around the globe.

Japanese Anime

Club members will enjoy a social atmosphere focused on the culture of Japanese anime and manga.

Jump Roping Club

Jump roping - individually and in teams.

Knitting Club

To knit clothes (scarves and hats) and donate them to those in need.

League of legends club

Club members can play, watch, and discuss the computer game League of Legends.  

Maroon Crew

Maroon Crew is the student spirit group for DCHS. Crew members provide support, promotion, and excitement for Dowling athletics and activities. 

Philosophy Club

Challenges students to express and defend their beliefs in a safe, open environment. Topics vary and are determined by the group. 

Photography Club

Provides students an opportunity to share with others a passion for photography.  Learn new tricks and discuss composition.

Rugby Club

Rugby is a club sport played by seven people at a time. The girls play in the fall and the boys in the spring.

Snake Club

Offers students the chance to learn about and work with live snakes.  

Video Game Club

After school club for students to socialize and compete in various video games.

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