One of the requirements for graduation from Dowling High School is for each student to complete 80 hours of service. The reason for this requirement is to teach our students that faith is not just a personal response to God's love, but is also a communal response, to love one another as Jesus taught us. The idea of service at Dowling is directed toward serving the needs of the community and the world in which the student finds him or herself.
There are many opportunities for students to do service, including opportunities through more than 15 service-oriented organizations.
We have phased in the service hour requirement as part of the theology classroom work. Ten service hours has become one of the requirements for each of the semester classes in theology. The theology faculty will set a due date for service hours a few weeks before the end of the semester. Students who still have not completed ten hours by the end of the semester will receive an Incomplete on their report cards. School policy then allows two weeks for the work to be completed before the grade is changed to an F. Students who do not complete this requirement as part of their class will fail the class and will need to retake it to fulfill their academic requirements. Hours previously completed by students will be included in their ongoing service hour total. However, they will still need to meet the service hour requirement of 10 hours each semester during their time at Dowling Catholic.

By implementing this into our theology classes, service hours will become more connected with the obligation of service and Christian faith. In the classroom students will have an opportunity to share with each other their service experiences and in the process learn from each other. By fulfilling the service hour requirement for each class a student will automatically acquire the 80 hours of service needed to graduate.

Commitment to Service
As an extension of the Catholic church, we are committed to our work and actions that reflect the Gospel values and service to the community for a greater good. It is our mission to provide a high quality Catholic educational experience for young people in an environment that fosters excellence in academics and spiritual development.  Through the many programs and services and Campus Ministry at Dowling Catholic High School, students touch the lives of countless individuals by volunteering their time and talents. By recognizing both individual and community responsibility to the world around you, your experience at DCHS will help you build your own individual style of leadership and service.

Christ-Centered Environment
Dowling Catholic High School is a community of faith where our learning, leadership, citizenship, and sportsmanship are Christ-centered. The mission of the faculty and staff at DCHS is to inspire a Christ-centered love of learning and a respect for fellow human beings in an environment that fosters excellence in academics and spiritual development. As an extension of the Catholic Church, Dowling Catholic embraces learners of all faiths, races, cultures, and social classes. This is a culture of acceptance and support.

· Daily school-wide prayer
· Daily Mass offered
· Monthly all-school Masses
· Student Christian retreats
· Service projects and organizations
· Ten religious course offerings with 
Diocesan-wide standards & benchmarks
· On-going faith-formation for faculty

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