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Plan and Prepare for Your Future

Now is the time to plan and prepare for your future.  Start your future off by getting the best high school education you can.

High School Preparation


When you graduate from Dowling, you want to have a future that’s full of opportunity. The most significant determining factor will be your education.  The better your education, the more choices and opportunities you are going to have.


Choose your high school courses carefully


While you are in high school, take as many English courses as possible.  Everyone needs to know how to read, write, and communicate effectively.  You should also take as much math as you can; every career field relies on math to some extent, and many careers rely heavily on math.  Make sure that you have good general math skills.


Take as much social studies, science, and foreign language as you can handle academically.  These courses will expand your mind and they will provide you with knowledge and insight into the world in which you live.  Also look for courses that relate to any career field you’re considering.  If, for example, you are interested in a career in business, take as many business courses as possible.


In addition to your academic courses, take courses that will improve your technology skills, provide a well-rounded educational base, and look for courses that will allow you to express yourself creatively. Also make sure that you’re taking all of the courses you need to fulfill graduation requirements.  If you ever have a question about which courses you should take, see your counselor.  Your counselor can help you choose the courses that will be right for you.
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