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Webased Resource Databases

Here at Dowling Catholic High School we strive for all of our students to be comfortable using electronic databases by the time they graduate.  Electronic databases offer a variety of comprehensive journal, magazine, and newspaper articles related to different fields of study. 

For example, Literary Reference Center in EBSCO is an excellent source to use if you are searching for information on literature related topics such as Shakespeare.  EbscoHost and Sirs, on the other hand, are great sources for researching hot topics such as global warming. 

These databases provide reputable sources for students to use, which is not always true when using search engines like Google.  In addition, these databases offer citation guides for how to correctly cite any sources used in a paper or project.  Colleges will expect students to know how to use these resources and how to cite them, which is why it is so important to learn now!



If you forget the usernames and passwords for these resource databases, click http://apply.dowlingcatholic.org/mediacenter



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