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High school is like anything else-the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. 
Students who are involved in school activities enjoy high school and they do better academically.  When you get involved in school activities, you have the opportunity to do all of the following:
Spend time with friends and meet new people
      “Marching band has changed my life.  All of us are friends and we just enjoy being together. It is so much fun!  - John
Develop a variety of skills and talents
“I’m in the art club and although I’m not the best artist, I’m getting better, and I have a good time.”  -Jessica
Try something new. Have activity participation and personal accomplishments to list on an application.
Feel more connected to your school.
      “I didn’t really feel like I was a part of the school last year.  This year I’m a student ambassador and I’m on the Cross Country team.  I know a lot more people now and school is definitely more fun.” –James
Become a leader.
Relieve stress.
  “I get rid of a lot of stress during practice after school.  It’s great to just be with my friends and forget about school for awhile.”- Katie
Provide a valuable service

         “My work with the Habitat for Humanity has made all the difference.  I’ve made friends, I’ve had fun, and I feel like I am doing something useful” -Ted


Have fun


DCHS has a wide variety of activities: theatre programs (plays/musicals), music programs (band/chorus), athletic teams and programs, leadership organizations and positions (Student Government), clubs (International club, speech and debate teams), and service opportunities.  There is definitely something for everyone!


Find out what activities are available at Dowling and become involved in two or three.  You’ll make new friends, gain new skills, and you’ll have fun.  If you don’t know what activities are available or if you need additional information, go to the activities office or talk to your counselor.
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